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Reddit Video Maker Bot

Create Reddit Videos with just✨ one command ✨

Get in touch with Lewis and his server filled with a bunch of lovely developers here. This simple documentation will guide you through the installation process of the bot and its required source files and get you running in no time!

What is this project?

The Reddit Video Maker Bot is a project made by Lewis Menelaws. It allows you to create Reddit videos with just one command.


We have all seen those Text To Speech videos on YouTube and TikTok, right? A Minecraft background, screenshots from a random Reddit thread, and TTS. Well, those low-effort videos can be completely automated now! Using this bot, you can produce a high-quality video (perfect for your TikTok and YouTube) in 5 to 10 minutes with almost no effort.

What does it do?

The bot uses Reddit API to get a random thread and it's comments from the chosen subreddit. Then it reads the title and the body of the thread's comments and translates them to text to speech. It saves the audio to a file that can be used later. After that it uses Playwright to take the screenshot of the comments and saves them to png file. Then it downloads a random clip from a Minecraft video. And finally, it creates a video from the audio and the screenshot and compiles it to a video using FFmpeg.


Reddit Video Maker Bot


  • Lewis Menelaws




  • Simon (Owner and rewriter)


  • OpenSourceSimon
  • HarryDaDev
  • Luka Hietala
  • micziz
  • CordlessCoder